7 Products For Sustainable Grocery Shopping

7 Products For Sustainable Grocery Shopping

Some grocery stores can be a minefield of unsustainable materials and single-use plastics. While that may sound like bad news, you can find plenty of ways to reduce your grocery shopping waste. Here are seven products to help you have a more sustainable grocery trip. 

#1 - Reusable Grocery Bags

When you head to the grocery store, you probably will come home with many plastic bags. You might be able to reuse them, but they will not break down after you throw them out. Choose an alternative. Green Bulldog makes its own reusable bags. They can support 65 pounds and are easy to clean. Plus, these bags will stand upright in the back of your vehicle, preventing spillage.

#2 - Reusable Mesh Produce Bags

Those little plastic bags for fruits and vegetables are examples of single-use plastic. You can’t reuse them, and they end up in the garbage. Ecowaare offers a set of 15 reusable mesh produce bags. They are see-through so that there is less hassle at the checkout.

#3 - Imarku Santoku Kitchen Knife

While you will not want to bring this to the grocery store, it can help in other ways. Instead of purchasing pre-cut veggies and fruits, choose whole produce. With that option, you will not have any waste, such as plastic containers, styrofoam plates, or plastic wrap. This knife is sharp enough to help you cut and dice your vegetables and fruits.

#4 - Silicone Food-Grade Reusable Storage Bag

After you have prepared your produce, you need somewhere to store it. The Stasher bag is a great choice. With this storage option, you will never have to purchase single-use plastic bags again. You can place these bags in the microwave, freezer, and dishwasher. They are a great option that will last for years to come.

#5 - Electric Vacuum Canister

Jar Jump has a great product that you can use for food storage. With a push of a button, the automatic suction system works and seals the contents inside the jar. The jar will keep all your snacks, cereal, and coffee fresh. Along with that, the lid has a freshness tracker and can be recharged.

#6 - Ice Cube Trays

You might think that all ice cube trays are the same, but that is not the case. Excnorm’s ice cube trays are made with silicone and come in various colors. You can store more than ice. Consider storing leftover sauces and soups to pop out when you need them. It is a great way to reduce your waste in the kitchen.

#7 - Ball Jars

For years, mason jars have been a great sustainable solution for food storage. If you want to store leftovers, think about buying this jar set with lids. They are made to go into the freezer or refrigerator. Plus, they can hold a variety of items.

Use These Sustainable Products in Your Home

Reducing waste is an excellent way to live a more sustainable life. Along with grocery shopping, you will want to purchase the healthiest products for your kitchen. Stop by Source Market Miami for the freshest produce and quality goods in the area.