An Apple a Day Keeps The Doctor Away, What About ACV Shots

Clear glass jars with apple cider vinegar inside and 3 red apples setting next to jars.

Scroll on Instagram and you will surely stumble upon at least one self-proclaimed “health expert” influencer preaching about a new wellness holy grail product that you simply must try. These quick fixes and cure-alls are often just glorified placebos; however, some do carry some real health benefits. We here at Source Market Miami ask, are daily apple cider vinegar shots one of them? 


Celebrities, including the beloved Kardashians, claim that ACV shots aid in weight loss and are a great way to detoxify and cleanse the body. While ACV can aid in soothing a less than perfect complexion, help to prevent blood sugar spikes and improve overall gut health, there is, unfortunately, no concrete evidence that shooting back this bitter beverage will help magically drop your pants size.

Weight Loss?

In actuality, the weight-loss claim that celebrities push on social media is the result of hunger curbing. The taste and smell of ACV are so rancid that it literally turns the stomach of the consumer and can delay hunger for a prolonged period of time due to nausea. While some argue that the shots calm their stomach and make their bowel movements more regular, health professionals are weary as detoxification should and typically does occur naturally via the liver and kidneys. 

The Verdict

This is not to say that ACV shots are inherently bad. There are several subtle benefits to the elixir and each body is different. If ACV shots make you feel your best then you do you; however, no one looking for a quick weight loss fix should be turning to this health trap. If you want to try to incorporate ACV into your daily routine but dislike the taste of the plain shot try diluting it with water and adding a sweetener for a refreshing drink or replace your salad dressing with an ACV-based topping!

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