April 19, 2021

Celebrate Earth Day, Help Build a Garden

Celebrate Earth Day, Help Build a Garden

Help Build a Garden for Earth 

At Source, we like to think every day is Earth day but we also recognize that Earth deserves to stand out and celebrated with its own occasion. 

So, Happy Earth Day. 

Part of the reason why we started Source is because we felt compelled to do our part to protect this beautiful planet by providing our community with food that is sourced organic and that also adhere to ethical and sustainable methods. 

Committed to Doing Good

We also know that we aren't the only ones who are committed to doing good for people and for the Earth. One of those organizations is G.I.V.E. Gardens, an effort that builds fruit and vegetable gardens in low-income communities where nutritious food is scarce. Their mission is to provide families with fresh produce while also teaching and inspiring them to continue growing and creating their own sources of food and developing healthy practices. 

About Give Gardens

G.I.V.E. Gardens is a project of Urban Oasis Project, led by Art Friedrich, who has been a great friend and mentor to our team at Source. So why G.I.V.E.? A G.I.V.E. Garden supplements a family or individual's diet with fresh vegetables and herbs and encourages fresh air and gardening exercise.

G.I.V.E. Gardens began in April 2009 when a family living in a food desert wanted Urban Oasis to teach them how to make a food garden. The mother had a new baby on the way, the father was working long hours in retail, and the 4-year-old daughter was very excited to grow vegetables to eat. Since learning time was limited, it seemed the best way to learn was by practice.

With a handful of volunteers and donated materials, the first G.I.V.E. garden was planted with a lot of hands-on learning for the recipient family.

Since the first G.I.V.E. garden was planted, many more have arisen, teaching recipients who then inspire others and teach their neighbors to make their own gardens (often without our help). Hundreds of volunteer hours have been donated from people with a lot of expertise (Master Gardeners) to people with no experience, and the project continues to grow. (
You can learn more about G.I.V.E. Gardens here.) 

How You Can Help ​

To celebrate Earth Day, Source is contributing to G.I.V.E. Gardens, to help create a garden to honor the Earth. 

In addition to our contribution, $10 of every farm box purchased today through Earth Day, April 22, will also go to G.I.V.E. Gardens for the creation of a garden space in honor of Earth Day. 

Help us build more gardens, celebrate Earth.

About Source 

From field to feast, Source curates the highest quality farm-fresh produce, local goods and more to deliver a weekly dose of the best things that are good for you, straight to you. Our Farm Boxes include a bounty of fresh organic vegetables straight from area farms picked at the height of ripeness. Recipes included.

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Photo courtesy of G.I.V.E. Gardens and Urban Oasis Project.