March 10, 2023

Don’t Let Your Goals Go MIA When Traveling: Airport Hacks for Healthy Living

People walking through airport terminal with rolling suitcases

Airports, where time and space feel fake, social norms seem not to exist and health is always taking a vacation. 

Travel is instrumental in the curation of a complete human experience; however, doing it healthily is not always the most practical; that’s where we come into play. We at Source Market believe you can travel while staying on track with your health and sustainability goals. 

As Spring Break approaches and many families, college students and anyone looking to take a little break from reality is getting ready to travel, we have compiled a list of our top three airport hacks for healthy living and hope they help your goals take flight! 

1.Pack a reusable water bottle in your carry-on.

Bringing your own reusable water bottle will not only save you from spending eight dollars on a bottle of airport water but will also help reduce plastic waste and ensure that you have access to drinking water for the entire duration of your trip by refilling at water fountains and bottle-fill stations in the airport. Just remember to pack it in your carry on and keep it empty until you get through security!

2. Plan ahead.

Stop at the grocery store or local market (cough..cough..Source) before your trip to stock up on your favorite TSA-approved snacks! As long as your treats don’t contain liquid or any other security threat you’ll be good to go and won’t be left scrambling in the airport store choosing between sour gummies and chips drenched in highly inflammatory seed oils. 

3. Early or have a layover? Take a walk. 

Getting 10,000+ steps a day is beneficial for weight management, overall health and wellness, as well as getting rid of any pre-flight jitters you may have. Walking from one terminal to another may span upwards of 1.5 miles round trip depending on the size of the airport. So hit start on your fitness tracker and see where you wander…just don’t lose track of time and miss your flight!

Small changes, a bit of pre-planning, and simply just getting started and getting moving is  all it takes to stay on track and travel healthily. Don’t let your goals go MIA, let your dreams take flight and fuel up at Source Market! 

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