Dried Flowers: More Sustainable and Sentimental

Dried pink and purple flowers in clear vase on table with blue tablecloth.

Giving or receiving a lovely arrangement of flowers is a beautiful form of communication between friends, family and loved ones. They can signify resilience, strength, happiness, and many more. Now, there is a way of making this gift eternal. Here are some ways in which dried flowers can be better for Mother Earth and more sentimental!


Dried flowers are more sustainable, starting from the very moment they are made. They are first air-dried upside down in a dark room with cool temperatures for several weeks. This is to make sure all the moisture evaporates. On the other hand, fresh flowers are transported from other countries and kept in refrigerators to prevent wilt. They are also sprayed with harmful chemicals to maintain a “fresh” appearance. 


It is safe to say that we have all forgotten to water our blooms and feel guilty when they are not in their best shape. You will no longer have this concern with dried flowers because they are very low maintenance. As long as you handle them with care, avoid moisture, and keep them from direct sunlight, you will have everlasting decoration. 

Alternative Uses

When you receive fresh flower bouquets as a gift; you are graced with a beautiful centerpiece for about three days. Then you are left with gradually dying flowers that shed petals and cloud your vase. Dried flowers remove the need for water and will never die on you. Despite their infinite lifespan, you may become tired of your bouquet after some time and wonder what you can do with it. Luckily there are plenty of alternative uses for dried floral arrangements. You can recycle the flowers and use them in a candle-making project, brew tea, use them for their aromatic qualities in a DIY cleaning solution or even adhere them to a gift in place of a bow.

Dried Flowers in Your Home

Dried flowers are trendy, too, and can be utilized in home decoration in unconventional ways. Some suggested places for display include formal rooms with less foot traffic, large decorative vases, and areas that are in need of a pop of color. The possibilities are truly endless! 

At Source

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About Source 

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