From the Source: Jeannine Escobar of Buena Vista Candle Co.

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About Buena Vista Candle Co.

Buena Vista Candle Co. is an aromatherapeutic scent studio based in the heart of Miami, Florida. Their candles are carefully handcrafted with clean and ethically sourced materials to promote sustainability while also enhancing serenity, centeredness, and intention in the hopes of igniting your own. The collections are proudly free of phthalates, parabens, sulfates, and other synthetically-derived materials, like petroleum (added to paraffin-based waxes).

Founded by Jeannine Escobar in 2016, the Buena Vista Candle Co. brand is affectionately and eponymously named after the Miami neighborhood she was raised in and returned to many years later, Buena Vista. 

A few Q's with Jeannine

We asked Jeannine a few questions about how she created Buena Vista Candle Co. and where she hopes to take the company in the future. Read on to find out more about her passion and why we love her candles! 

1. How did Buena Vista Candle Co. get started?

While working abroad, I developed a fascination with herbalism and homeopathy, which led me to research many other modalities in my free time. After training with a chandlery (candle making purveyors) in London first, and then later deepening my aromatherapy education in NYC, I returned to Miami in 2017 after a decade away working in media production and creative brand strategy. Seizing the change of pace from my former career, I decided to hone in on my aromatic interests and education by establishing a small scent studio and worked on transforming my kitchen-based meditative experiments into something tangible. In the same vein of consulting for my branding clients, I set out to establish an elevated and ethical company almost as a case study. It may sound idealistic but now nearly five years later, I still cannot believe this is my work. Even with the multitude of challenges entrepreneurship brings to the surface, I'm deeply grateful for this path.

2. What do you find the most rewarding?

The act of creating something new is the most fulfilling part of this work. When we're young, we're always encouraged to play with the limits of the imagination. As we age and life circumstances begin to influence us, we deviate from the innate wonder that drives curiosity and is capable of creating new ideas and even solutions to existing challenges. I find the scent experimentation process a very satisfying component in this work, especially for clients that want to develop their own bespoke scent for their brand, or even brides looking to scent their wedding day. Blending scents becomes an opportunity to play and develop a new dialogue, which allows the mind to explore uncharted or long-forgotten territories, perhaps leaving a new mark in one's own mind. The sense of smell is deeply connected to memory reformation, after all.

3. What is your favorite candle scent and why?

If I had to select one, it would be Verde for its perennial flare. Even though the terpenes found in pine often elicit memories of the holiday season, I sought to re-envision this holiday classic with a Floridan twist, adding bright citrus notes as well as the aroma of herbaceous florals. The result is one of my favorite scents because it reminds me of being out in a lush green expanse anytime of year.

4. Future Plans?

After many years of hauling heavy boxes up two flights of stairs, I'm excited the scent studio is in the process of relocating to a ground floor space. In this new studio, I hope to continue expanding my product offerings, host workshops, open for shopping appointments, and launch a refill service. 

About Source 

Source offers a selection of the highest-quality produce, goods and more sourced local, organic, ethical, sustainable and as regenerative as possible. From the farm box to the market, all of our products are for and from the earth. We are committed to sustainable practices for an invested connected community, in an authentic space that will endure.

Buena Vista Candles are a perfect addition to your home and make a great gift. You can order your candle online, or try out the scents in store. Visit us Monday through Friday, 10:30am-6pm at our market or shop online for all of our sustainably sourced food and goods!