From the Source: Pamela Wasabi

Queen of Matcha, Divine Chocolate, Lavender Heaven cookies laying on white background.

About Pamela Wasabi

Pamela Wasabi is an author, poet, radio host, and entrepreneur. She’s a mother and a lover of life!

Her background stretches from the whereabouts of the psychology of eating, integrative nutrition, eastern philosophy, to plant-based food artistry. Wasabi is the founder of a local bakery in Miami bringing the message of Self-Love to the table, proposing a new approach to food with her motto #EatMoreBeauty.

She’s the author of "Nourished, The Plant-based Path to Health and Happiness,” which explores our relationship with food and self. In January 2020 she published “Woman of the Moon” a poetry book filled with wild feminine prose proposing the liberation of the soul from the oppression imposed by the ego-mind. Her radio show “Nourishing the Feminine Soul” invites us to understand relationships, situations, and occurrences from the archetype of the Wild Woman. The show expands on themes such as wellness, the psychology of eating and food, relationship with self, and the constant dance between our internal feminine and masculine energies. Her latest title "The Wild Woman," was published in January 2021 which explores our relationship with our Divine Feminine to heal food issues and eating disorders. 

5 Q's with Pamela Wasabi 

1. What made you want to start a vegan bakery and how long have you been baking?

I never knew I was going to open a bakery. I simply remained loyal to my values of cooking with the greatest expression of nature: fruits, veggies, mushrooms, anything that sprouts from the earth! I kept cooking and it all unfolded in front of me. 

2. What is your favorite ingredient to bake with?

For me, baking is an art. It's the art of baking that I enjoy the most. It's like a magical lab where everything becomes alive; the ingredients speak to me! 

3. What is your favorite menu item and why?

It depends on the season! ;)

4. What is your favorite part of the Miami food scene?

Our ability to create food inspired by our background, and cultural upbringing. We have every type of food in Miami. Food should be a celebration of life, and that's what I feel when I enter a restaurant that cherishes every aspect of its menu. 

5. What is something unique about yourself that most people might not know?

I'm an open water swimmer. I've been swimming for 5 years in the Miami bay. It's my medicine.

About Source 

Source offers a selection of the highest-quality produce, goods and more sourced local, organic, ethical, sustainable and as regenerative as possible. From the farm box to the market, all of our products are for and from the earth. We are committed to sustainable practices for an invested connected community, in an authentic space that will endure.

You can find Pamela Wasabi baked goods in store or shop online. Source is open Monday through Friday, 10:30am - 6:00pm, with in store and online shopping available. Visit us at 275 Alhambra Circle, Coral Gables, FL 33134 to see all that Source has to offer.