March 06, 2023

From the Source: Rachel Simons of Seed + Mill

Women standing at table in front of large window. Tray of vegetables and jar of tahini on table.

With the belief that food has the power to unify & foster connection between people & place and a commitment to quality, taste & inspiring their community to explore the world through food, we were thrilled to carry Seed + Mill products at Source. We are even more excited to chat with one of the amazing women behind the brand, Rachel Simons. Read on to find out more about this incredible woman and how she created her business, Seed + Mill. 

Please provide a brief bio about your company. 

Seed + Mill is all about sesame! We were founded by three women, each passionate about food, cooking and travel, especially in the Middle East, famous for its love of tahini and halva. Starting out in New York's Chelsea Market, Seed + Mill was the first sesame concept store, and is now available to home cooks and chefs across the US. 

What inspired you to start your business?

My love for cooking, hospitality and quality ingredients and connecting with like minded people!

How did you decide on your mission statement?

The core values of the business have always been clear - we want to bring people delicious, well made food, that brings joy and build a community of people who feel the same way.

What does being a women-owned business mean to you?

I'm part of a tight knit group of female founders, many of whom are struggling with the same things I am, which is how to find the hours in the day to be a good mother to my kids (I have two teenagers and a Dachshund, who I happily acknowledge as my favorite child!), as well as a great leader for the team, and advocate for our brand. It also seems to be much harder for women to raise money to properly capitalize their business - at least the statistics seem to show that to be true - so having the extra support of retailers like you that acknowledges the inherent challenges faced by women and wants to celebrate and stock women owned brands like ours means a lot! 

What was blending an Israeli staple with Australian cuisine in NYC like?

Hahaha! Interesting question. What I love about New York is the way I get to meet, cook with, and host, people from every corner of the globe. It really is the ultimate melting pot. We've had a great reaction to all the interesting and unusual ways we've used tahini and halva and definitely want Seed + Mill to be part of a global community of foodies, as opposed to representing one group or culture! We're actually in the process of writing a cookbook that celebrates all of the global cultures using sesame in their homes and on their restaurant menus.

How has Seed + Mill helped you to get more involved in your community?

Nothing brings me more joy than meeting customers at our store, hearing their stories and getting to know them. Same feeling for our industry partners (chefs and retailers using our product). As a newcomer to New York, a lot of the people I've met through Seed + Mill are now my closest friends.

About Source

You can find Seed + Mill Tahini and Halva in store. Visit us Monday through Friday at 275 Alhambra Circle, Coral Gables. Online shopping is always available. 

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