October 12, 2022

Happy National Farmer's Day

Two women wearing wide brimmed hats standing side by side. Taller woman holding a chicken and other woman feeding checking plants.

It’s National Farmer's Day and we were lucky enough to spend a few hours at one of our partner farms, Aloha Redland. Visiting Aloha Redland was an unforgettable experience and we couldn’t be more excited to share them, their story and their produce with our Source family. 

About Aloha Redland

Although Alicia began with a passion for art and Martina as a landscape architect, when they combined their love of healthy eating and the need to build and construct, they became the farming force behind Aloha Redland. Over four years ago they started with just a single growing plot and have literally grown their farm into several acres of sustainable farm land. Here at Source, we are thrilled to have Aloha Redland as a partner farm because they share our mission of providing produce at the highest nutritional level and preserving their soil to create happy and healthy crops. 

Farm Tour 

We had the amazing opportunity to spend some time with Alicia and Martina on their farm, visit the delicious produce growing in the soil and learn more about how Aloha Redland came to be such a magical place for them and the local community. Their fields are lined with vibrant tomato vines, rows of beautiful bunching onions, a plentiful array of greens and so much more but believe us, the fun doesn’t stop there. As we explored more we stumbled across a spacious chicken house, constructed by Martina with a little help from friends. Happy hens grazed the area and nibbled on nasturtiums (edible flowers) hand-fed to them by Alicia and we even got to peek in on some of the wonderful eggs laid by those same happy hens. 

Not only does Aloha Redland grow an abundance of fresh, local produce but they also ensure that the earth stays healthy year around by formulating their own soil made of mulch and compost. They constantly tend to their fields with sustainable farming practices, never use synthetic fertilizers and in their words “tend to their gardens with creativity and gratitude.”

Once you are finished marveling Aloha Redland fields and chickens, you can make your way over to the many ponds that surround the property. You almost feel like you are transported to a lush, tranquil, tropical retreat where you can find yourself feeling at peace and one with nature.

Support Local Farms and Farmers

We often forget when we are consumed by the produce section at the grocery store that so much of that food can be grown right here in our South Florida soil. From leafy greens to herbs and hardy vegetables all of which is grown at Aloha Redland, it’s important to remember that by buying produce sourced from Aloha and at other local farms, you are helping to support these farms, support the local economy, support someone practicing sustainable agriculture thus your food has a smaller carbon footprint. You are also doing your part by reducing dependence on fossil fuels since local food and goods require less transportation. Buying locally and seasonally helps to reduce food waste and when you know the exact source of your food, the food just tastes better!

Support your farmers and be sure to stop by Source where our shelves will be stocked up on fresh produce from farms like  Aloha Redland and many more! 

About Source 

Source offers a selection of the highest-quality produce, goods and more sourced local, organic, ethical, sustainable and as regenerative as possible. From the farm box to the market, all our products are for and from the earth. We are committed to sustainable practices for an invested connected community, in an authentic space that will endure.

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