Passport to Flavor


Miami is a melting pot of cultures and, in terms of food, flavors. At Source Market, you can travel the world using just your 5 senses; no passport required! From ethically and globally sourced products to recipes with foreign flairs, there is no limitation to the places you’ll go when you shop and cook with Source. 

Cocktails, Recipes, and Products inspired by the 7 Continents 


Shalom! Travel to Israel and indulge in the ancient flavors of the Middle East. Tahini is a rich, neutral-tasting sauce that has become an Israeli cuisine staple. Tahini is made from ground sesame seeds and further flavored by adding lemon juice, water, salt, and herbs. Combine this with chickpeas, and you’ll have authentic-tasting hummus just like what you would find in the shuk! At Source, you can find Seed+Mill Tahini sold by the jar as well as a sweet, sesame-based treat called Halva that pairs perfectly as a topping on ice cream or a with a hot latte. 


Enticed by the flavors of Ethiopia? Using the lentils sold by weight at Source, you can make a delicious Ethiopian lentil stew from the comfort of your own home. Naturally vegetarian, this stew is a healthy and spicy dish complete with homemade berbere spice, spiced butter, and hearty lentils. Read more about this dish here

North America 

Craving a classic all-American dish? Grill up your favorites using the Occo Burger Sampler spice pack of four. Complete with white pepper, tellicherry pepper, green pepper, and pink pepper, these seasonings will elevate your burger and have you coming back for seconds (or thirds; we won’t tell)!

South America 

Quick, easy and delicious; frozen empanadas sold at Source Market are your direct flight to South American flavor. Available in spinach, four cheese, mushroom, and variety box, these empanadas are reasonably sized and irresistible! 


While Antarctica may not be recognized as a culinary capital of the world, one thing is for sure; it is cold, and what else is chilly? Ice cream! Deliciously dairy free and made locally here in Miami is Guudy ice cream. Available in Vegan Chocolate and Coconut-Aloe, this frozen treat will have you saving room for dessert every night. 


Imagine yourself in Italy as you hand toss a homemade pizza crust using Bella Cucina traditional pizza and focaccia mix sold at Source! Experience all the flavor and fun with this DIY dinner, perfect for families or date nights. 


Take a trip down under and Aussie-fy with Otherworld double chocolate brownie mix sold at Source by adding Tim Tams! The complete recipe can be found here; happy baking, mate! 

About Source 

You can find these global flavors and other products in-store, open Monday through Friday, 10:30 am - 6:30pm!