Research and Sourcing at Source

Research and Sourcing at Source

At Source our commitment is to provide a place to shop for food and goods with a sense of transparency. Do you ever find yourself in the produce section of your grocery store wondering where your mushrooms were grown? How far did this kale travel? Were these tomatoes treated with chemicals? Source partners not only with local, South Florida farms but small family operated US based farms to bring you the freshest, seasonal produce and the most sustainably sourced items that the earth has to offer. 

Research, Research, Research

We have gone through an extensive search to ensure that the products found at Source are not only healthy for your body but that they are also healthy for the environment. Our farmers all have a commitment to growing crops that honor the small ecosystems that they come from while also celebrating biodiversity of their environment.

Regenerative Farming is the Way 

Something we look for when partnering with a farm is the utilization of regenerative farming practices. What is regenerative farming you ask? It's the practice of using farming and grazing techniques that help to rebuild the organic matter within soil while also restoring soil biodiversity. Modern farming methods that include over tilling of the soil, monoculture or the planting of a single crop throughout the field and the use of chemical pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers have all had a devastating effect on soil erosion, deforestation and climate change.

If we don’t work to change our farming culture, start asking how our food is farmed and support those farms that believe in conservation tillage, cover crops, crop rotation and composting then within the next 50 years, we will literally no longer have enough viable topsoil to feed ourselves.

According to soil scientists, at the current rate of soil destruction (i.e. decarbonization, erosion, desertification, chemical pollution), we will suffer serious damage to public health due to a degraded food supply characterized by diminished nutrition and loss of important trace minerals (Regeneration International 2019). 

Commit to Good Practices 

So whether you are interested in tasty produce grown on one of our partner farms in the Redlands or some amazing grains and beans from the fertile soil of Minnesota, Washington and California, you can be sure that we sourced from farms whose methods put quality and care first.

We hope you enjoy all that we have to offer knowing that what is good for you, is good for us and is good for Earth.

Good For You, Good for Earth 

From Field to Feast, Source curates the highest quality farm-fresh produce, local goods and more to deliver a weekly dose of the best things that are good for you, straight to you. Our FarmBoxes include a bounty of fresh organic vegetables straight from area farms picked at the height of ripeness. Recipes included.

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