February 27, 2023

Sober Curiosity

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Drinking can sometimes be hard to pass up, and, in some situations, it adds an element of fun to the authentic Miami experience; however, chronic overconsumption of alcohol can result in less than desirable health effects. 

Who likes Hangovers?

The blaring of the alarm the morning after a night out with friends or coworkers may not have you waking up on the right side of the bed. Hangover headaches, grogginess, nausea, anxiety and even depressive episodes can directly result from alcohol consumption. After a while, these byproducts can accumulate and cause negative, long-term physical and mental health impacts. Rather than remain a victim of the drinking culture, some say cultivated by the media, take agency over your health and consider engaging in a period of alcohol abstinence. This behavioral trend is better known today on social media as sober curiosity and has struck popularity with celebrities. 

What is Sober Curiosity?

Sober curiosity is a wellness movement birthed from month-long challenges such as “Dry January”. The movement encourages individuals to remove alcohol from their lives for a short-term, self-selected period of time and observe how they feel. The curiosity and motives for experimenting with a sober lifestyle are different for everyone and as a result, there is no one correct way to be sober curious. Instead, we at Source Market recommend identifying your primary motive for experimenting with sobriety, setting goals and forming a flexible plan. You are allowed to drink during your period of sober curiosity; it is progress over perfection, and the main goal is decreased alcohol consumption and increased frequency of healthy habits. 

Tips for a Sober Curious Lifestyle

While this is all great and hypothetically easy, we are fully aware that living in a city with a thriving nightlife scene makes this exponentially more difficult because of the prevalence of bars and clubs combined with peer pressure. While it may seem boring to experiment with sobriety, being sober curious doesn't mean you can’t have fun and socialize with your friends. At Source we have a selection of non-alcoholic beverages and floral apertifs like Figlia or Ghia that can still put a drink in your hand at your next social gathering while also being alcohol-free.

There is so much to be discovered and received when alcohol is removed from the equation. Have we sparked your curiosity? Visit Source for your alcohol-free beverage needs-Cheers!

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