August 23, 2021

SOURCE in Cocoplum Living Magazine

SOURCE in Cocoplum Living Magazine

SOURCE Market Miami was recently featured in Cocoplum Living Magazine's August 2021 issue titled "Source Market Opens in Coral Gables". Highlighting our space and product prior to our official launch date! 

 From the article: 

 "Three things are sure: Cocoplum residents love Coral Gables, are major luxury aficionados and share a love of epicurean experiences and well living. So when we heard that Source launched its very own unique market in the heart of our favorite neighborhood, we had to share the details.

Source, a field-to-feast market that launched earlier this year is happy to share details of its market launch in down- town Coral Gables. The 600 square foot market showcases the best locally grown produce sourced from farms in South Florida. Pair that alongside a selection of thoughtfully curated items from local artisans like JoJo Tea, Colony & Comb Honey, Radiate Kombucha, and sun-
dries from further afield hand-picked according to standards of sustain- ability and regenerative practices - and you may have just found your new destination for all things delicious.

Source aims to bring together a selection of the highest-quality produce, pantry staples and goods sourced locally, ethically, sustainably and as regenerative as possible. Founded by locals Jennie Kapoor and Joanna Davila, the philosophy of Source is creating a commitment to good; these items are meant to be good for you, good for the community, and good for Earth. 

For them, Source was created with a purpose: to offer locals an opportunity to create a balanced lifestyle full of nutritional foods, sup- port the community and make delicious meals, from easy Source recipes made for everyone.

To you, from Source, for Earth, is the motto. And those recipes? They are crafted by an in-house chef who has years of experience working as a private chef for elite globetrotting families, and in kitchens whose programs brought flavors from around the world to critically acclaimed dishes.

Think delicious toasts, beautiful salads, and warm sautés overflowing with greens. From field to feast, Source believes in the mission of cooking (and eating) to provide the brightest and boldest dishes made easy. 

Yes, Source is open to the public seven days a week, and guests will find everything from green crunch bunches of kale to local honey and bread. In addition to shopping in person, patrons will have the opportunity to place online pick up orders and sign up for a subscription to the Farm Box which is available for home delivery. Ease if choice and ordering is something that both the founders of this female0lead business are focused on. "We want people to be able to connect with their food, with their community and make it as east as possible for everyone to do that," says Jennie. "The Farm Box, the market, the recipes, the at-home ordering and delivery are all options to make this as seamless as possible."

Come the fall, expect in-store programming at the market, tasting collaborations with many of the artisans featured and special farm dinners, alongside other events. More than a market, Source aims to be a community space to support artisans and help share information, where like-minded individuals are able to connect with one another. 

The Farm Box Source launched in March of this year offering a subscription Farm Box to foodies, future thinkers and conscious consumers who want to connect with their food and their local communities. The subscription offers locally grown, seasonal fruit and vegetables straight from local farms with a rotating selection of freshly harvested organic produce, Source staples and local goods available in weekly deliveries. Early customers enjoyed a selection of hand-picked gourmet Lion’s mane and Oyster mushrooms, farm-fresh eggs, a sweet citrus box and sourdough bread from partner Caracas Bakery.

“Source was founded with the idea to shop local, to shop healthy and to shop sustainably all in one place. We hope to bring all of that and so much more straight to our community, while also benefit- ing the community,” says Jennie.

How to Visit

Source is now open and located at 275 Alhambra Circle in Coral Gables, on the corner of Alhambra and Salzedo. For more information, visit the web- site at