The Deal with Bone Broth

mug of bone broth sitting on table.

Open up TikTok, and you might be surprised to find young, fit influencers sipping on warm bone broth out of mugs to start their day. These self-proclaimed health experts swear by this savory beverage and boast about the gut-health benefits it allegedly carries.

So, What is Bone Broth?

Essentially, it is a liquid derived from animal bones, typically chicken, with connective tissue and meat scraps flavored with vegetables. Bone broth is thicker than traditional stock and more nutrient-dense as the cooking process is slower which allows for more nutrients to be absorbed, including a high amount of collagen protein.


Bone broth is an easy way to add an additional serving of protein to your diet. You can sip on it any time of day, even on the go or by adding it to your favorite soup recipe or hot dish. This protein source is lean and clean and is packed full of some surprising substances. One of which is glutamine, an amino acid found naturally in the body that helps maintain a healthy gut and prevent conditions such as leaky gut syndrome and IBS. In addition to benefiting the gut, bone broth supports healthy brain function, enhances the appearance of the skin and strengthens bones and joints. 


As with any dietary supplement or wellness regime, there are cons that apply to all or some consumers. Bone broth can be high in sodium which can result in dehydration and swelling in some users. More seriously, some bone broth drinkers may have histamine intolerance and would feel immediate discomfort upon sipping. Histamine intolerance is a chemical reaction in the body that causes inflammation. This flair-up comes with stomach pain, bloating, gas, brain fog and headaches among other unattractive ailments. Read more about histamine intolerance here

The Verdict

Bone broth is worth a shot if you enjoy the savory soothing beverage, have a gut that is in need of some TLC or are looking for a way to add some protein to your diet. Some Source Market Miami approved brands of bone broth include Kettle & Fire and Bare Bones.

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