Nicola's Ravioli

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Spinach Ravioli is one ravioli that you will savor more than once. It’s perfect for those times when you are craving a different flavor. Wondering why? Because we only use freshly sourced organic ingredients to make this ravioli. The spinach used is sourced directly from the local farmer, and the semolina flour used is unbleached and is imported directly from Italy. Spinach ravioli is filled with sautéed spinach and fresh ricotta. Indulge in a rich taste with this gourmet-inspired ravioli made in an authentic Italian style. You can serve it for dinner or as a starter preparation. Weight: 24 Pieces Size:  3-4 Servings per box * Non-GMO * Vegetarian * Traditional Italian recipe * Delicious and nutritious * Natural, authentic, and premium ingredients * Ingredients sourced from local farmers * No preservatives or fillers * Simple ingredients; clean eating * Easy preparation **Product ships frozen and will arrive frozen or partially frozen**