Fresh Baked Sourdough

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In collaboration with our friends at Caracas Bakery, order a sourdough loaf to round out the Farm Box delivery to make delicious toasts, dip in olive oil and smother with sauteed greens.

One of the oldest forms of grain fermentation, sourdough it is believed to date back to ancient Egypt around 1,500 BC. Often considered tastier and healthier than conventional bread, it remained the customary form of bread leavening until only a few centuries ago and has recently had a resurgence. To us, it’s a classic that will always be a go-to.

Caracas Bakery takes it to the next level with a secret starter recipe, molds flown in from Germany and a special touch. Bread is vegan and Non-GMO.

Normal Delivery Hours:
Every Friday from 11AM-6PM
Curbside pick up available from 275 Alhambra Circle, Coral Gables

Cut Off Time:
Orders placed before 6PM every Wednesday will be available for the Friday delivery. Orders placed after 6PM will be sent the following Friday.