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News Alert...Our farmbox days are changing! We will now be taking orders until Friday and our new pick up and delivery day will be on Monday so you can start the week off right with a box full of local, fresh and delicious produce. Note: We will take orders until Friday, January 14th, in order to adjust to our new pick up and delivery day on Monday, January 17th.

Subscriptions will guarantee a weekly farm box for 4 weeks. Please contact us if you would like to extend your subscription.

Enjoy a rotating selection of the week’s bounty, picked right at the height of ripeness for the brightest colors and crunchiest produce packed with goodness. In collaboration with a host of local farms, we’re thrilled to offer a beautiful bounty of locally-grown, organic, seasonal vegetables and included in each farm box is a rotating selection of Source Staples. New recipes included weekly.

The medium farm box feeds a household of up to 2 people  and includes 1 Source Staple; the large is ideal for 3 to 4 people and includes 2 Source Staples.

Normal Pick up and Delivery Hours
Every Monday from 11AM-6PM
Curbside pick up available from 275 Alhambra Circle, Coral Gables

Cut Off Time
Orders placed before 6PM every Friday will be available for the Monday delivery/pick up. Orders placed after 6PM will be available the following Monday.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Deborah Hart
Family Farm Box

I was pretty excited to find a place in Coral Gables that was offering weekly farm boxes and looked forward to picking my family sized one up. When i got it and unpacked it i was sorely disappointed with the contents. The contents were sparse and the zucchini were already getting mold spots. One of the lemons was rotten in the middle. I will not be reordering.

Visa Cardholder
not my first experience on food box delivery

This is not my first experience on food box delivery. As this was local, and I had issues in the past caused by shipping companies braking and delivering late damaging the gods with heat, I ordered the large box. This was the most expensive of all. Food quantity was so litlle that it ws for one meal of four. and much less than any previous ones, and the quality was not there with wilted greens and damaged produce. It ws an expericne not to be repeated. I understand the concept and idea. Some items can be purchased in the local store, i beleive i can compose the same box cheaper tthere.

Jennifer Nelson
Great organic produce

Love this store and the concept behind it! I love knowing that the food I’m buying comes from responsible farming. Plus, I get to try new and interesting recipes with the veggies I get each week.